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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How Tyrants Lie

The first thing to know about tyrants is they try not to sound like tyrants. They may genuinely not realize they are tyrants. The first clue is that they think of themselves as good. They're not. No one is. The second clue is they think they can use the power of government for good. This is dangerous. Be wary of anyone who doesn't think they need a Savior, and thinks they can be your savior if you give them power. If those two pieces are in place, watch out. Here's how.

Listen for claims like, “You have a right to…,” and it's something from the government.

First, it's important to know there are certain fundamental human rights that are independent of any government anywhere at any time in history. You have the right to breathe. You have the right to life. You have the right to defend yourself. It is a primary role of government to protect rights you already have from evildoers who would seek to suppress, supplant, or take away your rights. Those are not the rights some are promoting these days.

A common claim in America today is, “You have a right to health care.” The term “right” here is not being used to describe something provided wholly independent of the government. What is health care? Health care is a service provided by another person. Why should everyone be entitled to the services of people who are among those who have worked the hardest to attain their level of expertise? It is no role of government to name the services of another as something to which everyone else is entitled as a “right.”

In 2010, under the Affordable Care Act, “You have a right to health care,” became “You must pay a tax if you don’t buy health insurance” from special interests who paid for politicians to require people to buy their products. Your ability to freely spend your money as you see fit and to pursue your desires has been suppressed.

Anyone who seeks to define your rights in a way that causes a loss of your true rights is a tyrant.

The same party that brought us ACA is gearing up to bring us “Medicare for All” next. The problem is denying the laws of supply and demand is inevitably futile. The people should recognize this as a loss of rights and freedom.

Citizens can only be vigilant about protecting their rights if they know the origin of their rights—from God—and if they understand and believe that authority is higher than a government.

If a people let or even depend on a government to define or “afford” rights, then they give up the freedom to know and exercise their true God-given rights. This leaves them vulnerable to whoever in the moment has power. Issues are stripped of principle and reduced to a famous thesis: “There is only the fight.” That is not a government “of the people.” That is a government of the strong, and that removes an important check on the power of government and evil in the heart of man.

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