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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Wins Today

I built a tool for an organization to use in order to better understand, manage, and make use of its resources. One person who would use it is now viewing his 20-year career as before and after having this tool. He's planning to retire in a year. When I had told him about it, he had no idea how it would be useful; now that he can see for himself what I saw in my head, he wonders how he ever lived without it. Life is much easier when you create the environment before trying to fill it.

Another family (with 10 kids!) signed up for Awana today. We're approaching 50 clubbers to start the year. And it sounds like we have someone very interested in taking the lead on Awana Grand Prix, too.

I sent our Awana directors access to our online recordkeeping system, and both of our new ones thought it was pretty cool to be able to keep track of their clubbers' progress that way.

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