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Sunday, September 9, 2018

11 Things you can do with a Bible

The Bible is the Word of God. There are a lot of good things you can do with it.

1. Read the Word. See for yourself what's in it by reading it.

2. Own the Word. Have your own copy. It's one thing to be able to read it online, but there's value in having your own copy that does not limit what you can see to the size of your screen or window. Underline it. Highlight it. It's yours.

3. Study the Word. If there are things that are hard to understand, keep reading, dig into it, look up original words, and overall don't give up. Ask God for help and wisdom in understanding it.

4. Pray the Word. Ever feel like you don't know how to pray? Ever not sure what the will of God is? His Word is consistent with His will, and we can pray His words back to Him. We can personalize them to our own situations as well.

5. Hide the Word. Hide it in your heart; memorize it. Do this in large chunks, too—at least chapters at a time. You never know what theology or encouragement you might find in the opening or closing of a letter.

6. Share the Word. Tell someone about what you've found in it. Introduce them to your friend Jesus. What have you learned? Who do you look forward to meeting someday? What does the Bible say about your situation right now, or things you see happening around you?

7. Share the Gospel. Learn the passages that explain the Good News to people and share it with them. Put tabs on pages to make them easy to find.

8. Teach the Word. New believers and young people especially need people who can show them what's in the Word, what does it mean, how does it fit together, what's next, etc.

9. Live the Word. Don't just apply it to your life, but apply your life to the Word. Seek to see what the Bible possibly says about every area of your life.

10. Give the Word. Buy extra copies to give away to people. The Gideons do this a lot. has sales now and then.

11. Translate the Word. While there are only around 200 countries in the world, there are about 6,000 active languages. Most of these do not have a copy of the Word of God.

What other good things can you do with the Word of God?

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