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Monday, October 8, 2018

100 Days

I'm 10% of the way toward my goal of 1,000 days of writing.

Specifically this means a new item is posted on this blog each day. It may have been written earlier, but the daily nature is maintained.

At first I posted a lot of the low-hanging fruit—topics that had been on my mind, but had never really put into writing.

My biggest disappointment in this is the number of times I've run out of hours in the day and have posted something quite short. Early on I was able to schedule a few items early, but 1,000 days is a long road, and maintaining a full queue is harder than I thought. (If an item is posted exactly on the hour, and especially if it was Tweeted at exactly the same time, then it was likely scheduled in advance.) Blogging is more work than Tweeting.

I still don't have a great system or workflow down for saving and then following up on writing ideas. I've also noticed that while my passion for one topic may burn hot at one point, if I just save the idea for later instead of writing about it when I think of it, then I am not always as motivated later to write about the topic.

I hope to get more into a routine of perhaps weekly scheduling posts for a few days ahead. That was the plan for today, but tomorrow's post that I mentioned a couple days ago was a long haul. I'd like to do more like that.

A month ago I dropped Internet access at home, I still have access in enough other places that I have not missed it much. It's absence is only a minor hindrance. Nonetheless, my writing plan could still be better.

15,100 days

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