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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Generosity Evangelism

Pastor Roesel is speaking at my church this week. He is a big advocate of ministry evangelism, that is, meeting people's needs to help them see and come to know Jesus.

This man embodies a generosity mindset. When he retired, his church was giving away 65 percent of its budget and meeting the rest of its operating expenses with the remaining 35 percent.

He wrote a book called It's a God Thing: The Powerful Results of Ministry Evangelism. The Kindle version is free. I read it a week or two ago leading up to his coming.

I'm a pretty liberal user of the Kindle's highlight feature. I took my highlights from this book and made it into a book summary of a couple pages, front and back. I showed it to him after a lunch with him today, and he asked me if I wanted a hard copy of his book since I “went to the trouble.” Generosity!

Just before he began speaking tonight I asked him to sign the book. At the top of the title page, the first thing he wrote was, “You are loved!”

I've already read the book. Those three words added to the beginning may say more than all the rest in that book.

After his signature he included the reference Matthew 25:31.

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