Friday, November 30, 2018

One Second Every Day

Today I met someone whose last day of work was today. Final days of a month are useful for that kind of thing. She plans to travel the country right away: Florida, Tennessee, California.

She also plans to document her journey in the mold of 1 Second Everyday. If one were to do that for an entire lifetime (~30,000 days), it would run for about 8 hours.

There have been several attempts at elevating the value of user-generated social media content. made a valiant effort, but missed making a useful and usable archive component.

It's basically exploration at the other end of the content spectrum, opposite ephemeral messaging apps like Snapchat. I hope to make a text-based attempt at this as well, hopefully over this Christmas and new year break coming up.

The plan had been to get a lot of work done on this over the summer, but church projects and apartment repainting took up the summer instead.

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