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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Reverse Conversation Origins

85% of all believers ages 18-29 agree that they have a responsibility to share the gospel with unbelievers

25% look for ways to share the gospel

Source: On Mission, special issue 2017, volume 20, number 4, citing Christianity Today

At first it's tempting to point out that in nearly any conversation, there is some kind of topic that comes up which can be used to turn the conversation toward God and the Gospel.

And then I remind myself this is the same generation that struggles with conversations in general.

In that same On Mission magazine was a quote from Keith Wieser of Resonate Church saying, “we've found that if someone can begin to share their faith in cold-turkey evangelistic environments, their likelihood to be able to share their faith within relationships increases.”

For this generation it may seem like having any conversation would be a cold-turkey experience.

The time may soon be approaching when we could viably shift our whole approach to conversation. Many have long advised to build a relationship with someone first, and then have the credibility to share the Gospel with them.

The Gospel is credible on its own. We're just messengers. I disagree with anyone who puts preconditions on me to be able to share Jesus with people. I can't just walk into The Pentagon and explain Jesus to a four-star general, but if he and I are ever in the same grocery store, I can give him a Gospel tract and talk further with him about Jesus if he wants. That's one of the beautiful things about living in a land that recognizes all as being created equal.

If we were to encourage young people to share the Gospel first, that might actually pave the way for them being more comfortable with having conversations with others.

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