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Friday, January 18, 2019

Follow the Money

If a corporation were found to be making a profit from selling 20,000 people a week into slavery, there would be an outcry and demands for an immediate halt to its activities. Congress would investigate and hold hearings to grill its leaders on its practices and purpose. “What is this, the 1600's?”

If the United States government were giving funds to that corporation, those responsible would be held to account. Campaigns would be mounted. Elected officials would be called out. Passivity would count as complicity. “You're either opposed to this or you're out.”

This is not hard to imagine.

Now, up the ante. Change “slavery” to killing. Change “funds” to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. What should the reaction be to killing that many people for profit and having the government subsidize the infrastructure for all your efforts?

This is exactly what is happening with Planned Parenthood today in the United States of America. The largest abortion provider in the nation makes money from killing children. They charge for it. The government subsidizes their operations. They sell leftover body parts.

If the shoe was on the other foot, we know the other side would not hesitate for a second to call us out on making money from whatever we do that they oppose.

Planned Parenthood cloaks everything about their operation to make this kind of accountability more difficult. Instead of being a business, they're a well-funded “non-profit.” Instead of abortion or baby killing, they call it “reproductive health care.” In the name of reducing pregnancy, it sponsors educational material and item distribution that encourage the very activity that causes pregnancy.

If you want to cut through the lies in a hurry, talk about the money. Find out how much an abortion costs. The pro-life movement has been trading sound-bytes with abortion advocates for decades. It's one thing to try and convince women to avoid regret. It's quite another to show them who was using them.

It's time to call out the real motives behind the enemy in this battle.

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