Friday, July 5, 2019

Internet access = later nights

This week I discovered something I already should have known. Now I have data to back it up.

I keep track of how well I keep a good schedule, and in recent weeks my numbers haven't been so great. I scrolled back through several fortnights and noticed that for 200 days my schedule was better during the winter and fall. The key difference of that time period was internet access.

300 days ago I disconnected home internet access.

100 days ago I signed up for a mobile internet plan.

When I have no internet access, I don't stay up late. When I have internet, it's very easy to stay up for another hour. A lot of times it's not even a matter of reading things so much as it's easy to spend a lot of time arranging how I read things, organize Twitter lists, etc. Those few short minutes quickly become many and they add up over time.

I live in an efficiency, so I don't easily have another room in which I can leave my iPad mini to keep it from distracting me. I do find even leaving it across the room in the evening helps keep it from being a distraction. I need to get better about doing that.

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