Sunday, January 19, 2020

Sunday Talk Recap: Senate Court of Impeachment

Preview: Lawmakers gear up for Senate impeachment trial

Recap: All eyes on Senate impeachment trial

Clips on Twitter

Graham: Abuse of power 'poorly defined' in articles of impeachment

Dershowitz says 'no need for witnesses' if his argument succeeds

Alan Dershowitz: Argument president cannot be impeached for abusing power a 'strong one'

Jeffries: Calling new witnesses for Senate trial part of following the 'Clinton model'

GOP senator says it looks like House has 'weak hand'

House impeachment manager: 'All of the relevant witnesses are on the table'

Cruz: Hearing from witnesses could extend Senate trial to up to 8 weeks

Durbin says he hopes enough GOP senators know that 'history* will find you'

Trump lawyer: Abuse of power, obstruction articles 'have not fared well'

GOP senator, Chuck Todd spar over whether Lev Parnas should testify in Senate impeachment trial

Senate Democrat: 'Fine' to hear from Hunter Biden

Trump Jr.: If 'weaker' Republicans only call for certain witnesses, 'they don't deserve to be in office'

Booker ahead of Trump impeachment trial: 'History* has its eyes on us'

Cornyn disputes GAO report on withholding of Ukraine aid: It's 'certainly not a crime'

GOP senator 'open' to impeachment witnesses 'within the scope' of articles

Trump defenders argue president can't be removed for abuse of power

* History is no judge

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