Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Talk Show Recap: South Carolina Next

Preview: 2020 candidates look to South Carolina

Recap: 2020 spotlight shifts to South Carolina

Clips on Twitter

Bernie Sanders

Dean says he's not worried Sanders would harm down-ballot Democratic candidates

Murphy: No concerns with Sanders on gun policy

Clyburn rejects claim that South Carolina voters won't support Sanders' democratic socialism

Rahm Emanuel: Sanders is 'stoppable'

O'Brien claims Russians want Sanders to win because he would cut military spending


O'Brien: Maguire was not pushed out over Russia briefing

Pence chief of staff: 'There's not intelligence' saying Russia wants Trump reelected

National security adviser: 'I haven't seen any intelligence' that Russia is trying to help Trump

Democratic senator: It's 'pretty clear' Russia supports political right in US 'over and over again'

Mike Bloomberg

Veteran Democratic political consultant: Bloomberg can recover from Nevada debate

Clyburn says Democrats spent 'too much time on Bloomberg' in Nevada debate

South Carolina

Clyburn: Nevada will have 'somewhat of an impact' on South Carolina

Trailing Democrats tout strength with black voters ahead of South Carolina

Joe Biden

Clyburn: Biden 'suffered' from not doing 'enough' in early debates

Biden blames Steyer for drop in South Carolina African American support

Tom Steyer

Steyer: 'I do for sure' have to finish in top three in South Carolina

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