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Monday, May 25, 2020

Higher Education Updates

RT @nytimes: As universities announce plans to bring back students, a pattern is emerging: shorter semesters to avoid late-fall infections[…]

RT @EDcivilrights: New #TitleIX Blog, posted today, discusses the Final Rule's prohibition against relying on statements of a party who does not submit to cross-examination and its application in cases involving verbal conduct.[…]

Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper (@EsperDoD) Remarks for the 2020 United States @NavalAcademy Commencement via @DeptofDefense[…]

My great-uncle Dave Breese used to speak to college and universities on a regular basis. I recently discovered a hint of why he traveled thousands annually for many years and clearly enjoyed what he was doing.

As I was reading and preparing the text of his book, 7 Men Who Rule the World from the Grave, for online publication, it became clear this was taken from some of his college lectures. In one chapter there's a line about, “Only a college sophomore can explain the difference among these three. Once you get to be a junior, you forget them, and when you get to be a senior, you wish you had never heard of them.”

In another chapter he posed the question, “Are we presenting to our young people, in the name of Jesus Christ, a clear purpose worth living for? Or has the dread ambiguity that has settled upon an unthinking Church made our message so confusing that almost anybody can beguile these young people, looking for a purpose in life, into doing something else? I hope not, but I greatly fear for the future unless there is a clear alternative voice in the name of Jesus Christ lifted before all of Western civilization soon. Not tomorrow, not next year—now.”

He put together a useful template for that kind of presentation in his book, Discover Your  Destiny. I posted an outline of that text today. If that book were being published today, I expect chapters 1-8 would be Part I, and chapters 9-12 would be Part II.

I don't know if he was aware of the precedent or not, but Eric Metaxas has written a “Seven Men” book. Seven Men: And the Secret of their Greatness. He continued the theme with Seven Women and Seven More Men. (Amazon commission links.) While it may sell books, the language of “secrets” is to be avoided.

No one has yet written a book, 7 Women Who Rule the World from the Grave. Margaret Sanger has earned a spot near the first on that list.

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