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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Talk Show Recap: Economy, Coronavirus

Preview: As states loosen social distancing restrictions, lawmakers address dwindling state budgets

Recap: Reopening in spotlight after historic job losses

Clips on Twitter

Members of Congress on Mother’s Day


Officials warn of worsening economic woes after dismal April jobs

Kudlow: 'Very difficult' unemployment numbers possible in May too

White House adviser says unemployment may climb to 20 percent

Minneapolis Fed president: 'The worst is yet to come on the job front'

Mnuchin warns of 'permanent economic damage' if country doesn't reopen

Mnuchin on further stimulus: 'We're willing to spend whatever it takes' but it needs to be done 'carefully'

White House economic adviser says it's 'premature' to decide on giving states federal aid

Kudlow: 'Informal' talks underway on next round of coronavirus stimulus

Sen. Alexander: People will to return to work if they know those around them are being tested

Ohio governor: 'The economy's not going to open no matter what we do unless people have confidence'

Former Google CEO: 'We're going to have to reimagine how the workplace works'


Public health expert: No 'clear way' to separate those most at-risk for virus for quarantines

Johnson & Johnson officer says goal is to deliver 1 billion coronavirus vaccines next year

Gottlieb: We need a 'better system in place' to distribute coronavirus treatments

Regeneron CEO: US manufacturing for coronavirus treatments, vaccines is 'limited'

Infectious disease expert: 'We are going to see a growth in cases' in coming weeks

Public health expert expects increase in cases in states lifting restrictions

Trump adviser: 'Scary' working at White House after staff members test positive for COVID-19

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