Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Federal, International Updates

@LTrails: In Such a Time as This, Let Us Pray . . . -[…]

@IndoPac_Info: June 4, 1989. A day of infamy! We do not forget!!! #Tiananmen31 #TiananmenMassacre #TiananmenSquaremassacre[…]

@demosisto: In the shadow of #NationalSecurityLaw, thousands of #Hongkongers broke barricades and started to assemble in Victoria Park to mourn #TiananmenSquareMassacre.[…]

“Reform advocates have proposed repealing barriers to accountability for problem officers, such as qualified immunity and law enforcement officer bill of rights, and scaling back police militarization.”[…]

@AmbasciataUSA: At the invitation of Italian Foreign Affairs Minister @luigidimaio and of Secretary of State @SecPompeo, the Foreign Ministers of the Global @Coalition met virtually today to reaffirm our shared determination to continue the fight against Daesh/ISIS. Read the joint communique[…]

@TheJusticeDept: Attorney General William P. Barr's Remarks on Mr. George Floyd and Civil Unrest[…]

@SenateNews: #SenateHearing to examine the crisis in Hong Kong, focusing on a review of United States policy tools, including #S3798, to impose sanctions with respect to foreign persons involved in the erosion of certain obligations of China wrt HK.[…]

@IndoPac_Info: Exclusive: Pompeo to urge stock exchanges globally to tighten rules for #Chinese companies Pompeo warns American investors against 'fraudulent' accounting practices of China-based companies.[…]

Happy Constitution Day to Denmark! @SecPompeo: “The Kingdom of Denmark and the United States are steadfast allies and partners, and we greatly value Denmark as a leader in promoting peace throughout the world” via @StateDept — […]

Remarks by @VP @Mike_Pence in Listening Session with Faith and Community Leaders | Beltsville, MD via @WhiteHouse — […]

China's plan:
Stage 1: military build-up
Stage 2: international influence[…]

@IndoPac_Info: #IndiaChinaStandoff - Alleged video of a #Chinese highway where there are a lot of trailer trucks transporting tanks, armored vehicles, etc to the #Indian border. Definitely a significant build up. Via @shuangyinghe #StandWithIndia[…]

Plans reaching fruition are cause for formal celebration and public acknowledgment of the Lord’s help.” @TheVoiceBible #GTD[…]

@SecPompeo: The Chinese Communist Party’s callous attempts to exploit George Floyd’s tragic death for its own political gain will fail. During the best of times, Beijing ruthlessly imposes communism. Amid the most difficult challenges, the United States secures freedom. — […]

@joshuawongcf: 1/ Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of our anti-extradition bill movement since June. Over the past year, Hongkongers and the world have been bearing witness to the deteriorating situation in Hong Kong, with Beijing tightening its grip over the city’s liberties.[…]

@AUL: We speak with @xan_desanctis this week on “Life, Liberty, and Law" on Planned Parenthood and where "fake news" comes from when reporters behave like activists.[…]

@TomTugendhat: This is a strong statement from a close ally - On China’s Attempted Coercion of the United Kingdom - @StateDept @SecPompeo[…]

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