Monday, June 15, 2020

Higher Education Updates

@timeshighered: “Asynchronous teaching methods are capable of improving our ability to offer alternative learning times and communication forms that are more inclusive of our students’ learning styles.”[…]

@Harvard_Law: "Unmute yourself … identify those things that annoyingly keep you silent when your friends or your family or your community need your voice." Watch Professor Ruth Okediji’s 'Last Lecture' to the Class of 2020[…]

@chronicle: Frustrated with the seeming hypocrisy of some colleges’ statements on Black Lives Matter, two friends and black scholars started tweeting about incidents of racial bias in their careers.[…]

@chronicle: A hashtag for black scholars to share stories of bias in academe has prompted nearly 9,000 people to tweet in less than three days.[…]

The comments from @SenateMajLdr about the #FirstAmendment yesterday: #1A[…]

@Morning_Edu: "Scrapped Ivanka Trump speech lands Kansas university president in hot water"[…]

@Harvard_Law: Watch: In a three-part talk from 2017, Randall Kennedy discusses the events that led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964[…]

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