Friday, June 12, 2020

The Mailboxes

College is not just about the things you learn from the curriculum, even the things a college specifically designs itself around.

Memories in college are not just around the friends you have.

Sometimes, even in the midst of the normal routine, things make their way into your life that stick with you for a long time to come.

These things don't have to be complicated or profound—just meaningful.

One day in an early morning English class, my professor opened with a story about something he had seen recently that touched his heart.

He was near the mailboxes—which at a small college of a few hundred students don't take up a lot of space—and he heard one young female student say to another young female student, “I love you.”

That's it. It was really simple. And yet the simplicity and power of that message spoke to him.

It was pure. There was nothing else in it other than a friendship spoken into words.

When you have people and friends in your life that mean something to you, it's good to tell them.

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