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Friday, June 12, 2020

Nature and Resources Updates

@JimBridenstine: The cost-saving success of @Commercial_Crew is based on @NASA establishing high-level requirements and letting private companies innovate. For the Artemis Moon base, NASA will establish a cost per ton delivered and once again let private companies innovate.[…]

@elonmusk: @JimBridenstine @Commercial_Crew @NASA Outcome-based contracting with multiple competitors is vastly better than cost-plus (especially if sole-sourced), as the former rewards results and latter rewards waste. Outcome contracting should be applied broadly within government. The difference in results will be incredible. — […]

@SciDiplomacyUSA: A robust and ready Polar Security Cutter fleet supports our national interests, economic strength and scientific research in the Arctic and Antarctic region. Here are the steps we're taking to have a U.S. icebreaker fleet ready for our future.[…]

@ErikBrattberg: Very interesting new WH memo on Arctic and Antarctica. Says among other things US will develop a fleet of icebreakers in both regions, including the possibility of leasing vessels from partner countries.[…]

@EnergyAtState: Statement by Secretary Pompeo on the Opening of U.S. Consulate Nuuk - United States Department of State[…]

@STcom: Boeing aims for key 737 Max certification flight in late June: Sources[…]

@EuroGeosciences: At midnight last night, Britain passed two months without using #coal-powered energy, a new record for the longest period of time without burning coal to produce electricity reports @BBCJustinR for @BBCScienceNews[…]

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