Friday, July 17, 2020

Nature and Resources Updates

@Reuters: Dolphins are returning to Lisbon's Tagus river. Sightings of the mammals have soared over the last two months with some pointing to the lack of cruise ships and commuter ferries due to the shutdown[…]

@PhillyInquirer: More about how the storm affected the Philly area:[…]

@UPI: Fay brings flooding, power outages to New Jersey[…]

@Liv_Seafarers: We hope churchgoers will remember seafarers around the world in their prayers today, Sea Sunday. Those working on ships perform a vital service and have been hit hard during the pandemic, with many struggling to get home due to travel restrictions. #SeaSunday[…]

"The air defense system mistakenly recognized the airliner as an object moving from the south-west towards Tehran, although in reality the plane flew out of the Iranian capital, rather than approaching it."[…]

@amelia_draper: Check out comet Neowise all this week! You'll want to look toward the northwest ideally in an open field with little light pollution and binoculars. Look for this two tailed comet after 10PM. More to come![…]

@SungrazerComets: One comet extreme to the other: measuring little SOHO sungrazers today. People often think that because there's thousands of sungrazers, the parent comet must've be huge. But not necessarily so. You could fit ~125 MILLION of these ~10m sungrazers inside the ~5km comet #NEOWISE![…]

@TerpWeather: the 90 streak stopped at 20 days. cloud cover today held DCA down in the upper 80s but we've got some excessively hot weather coming. Triple digit heat index, maybe real air temps as well — […]

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