Thursday, July 16, 2020

SCOTUS Updates

Split decisions on Trump financial records (WORLD) — […]

Swath of Oklahoma deemed tribal land (WORLD) — […]

Supreme Court sets up more fights for Trump’s tax records (WORLD) — […]

@ReutersLegal: What happened at the Supreme Court this year? Here's a thread of all the major cases the justices decided this term:[…]

@usatodayDC: The lesson from the Supreme Court's 2019 term seemed to be that the court of nine is hard to pin down. That unpredictability is largely the work of Chief Justice John Roberts. AFP[…]

@adamliptak: Chief Justice Roberts "is drifting left at a statistically significant rate — and at a rate roughly resembling Souter’s liberal turn in the 1990s,” said Lee Epstein, a law professor and political scientist at Washington University in St. Louis. — […]

@aliciaparlap: Chief Justice Roberts's voting has become more liberal, according to data from the Supreme Court Database. Here's how he compares to other Republican nominees who drifted left: (More charts in this term's wrap-up by @adamliptak: ) — […]

@ProphDaily: US Supreme Court to Hear Case of College Student Seeking Justice After Gospel Preaching Twice Shut Down | Christian News Network[…]

@AP: BREAKING: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been discharged from a hospital after being treated for a possible infection, the Supreme Court says. A court spokeswoman said in an emailed statement that Ginsburg is “home and doing well."[…]

@2Aupdates: "SCOTUS spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said an individual appeared to pour a flammable liquid on a white four-door sedan belonging to the Supreme Court Police, parked on Maryland Avenue next to the court building, and then set the vehicle ablaze. An adjacent vehicle was also damaged." — […]

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