Sunday, August 23, 2020

Guarding our nation

This morning, I listened to Reston Bible Church which I attended for five years when I moved to the Northern Virginia. Mike Meyers gave the message about guarding your heart.

Having previously worked in the technology industry, he talked about how getting saved is like downloading a new operating system for our lives. Guarding our heart is like running anti-virus software that can remove and keep out viruses, malware, and guard against corrupted files (sin, provision for the flesh, etc.).

I got to thinking about it, and God gives nations operating systems, too. Nations, too, can become corrupt, and they need an anti-virus mechanism to guard against corruption. Nations can become corrupted, not just through bribery and abuse of power, but also if its founding principles are undermined and eroded away.

God has provided nations with an anti-virus mechanism: it is the Church. He has provided people to proclaim from His Word the purpose of government and rights to be protected including freedom to speak and build our lives on the Word of God.

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