Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Presidential Updates

President Trump announced he had fired 2 members of the the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority, saying that its chief executive Jeff Lyash is “ridiculously overpaid” and that the corporation is seeking to outsource US #Jobs to foreign workers. https://t.co/wLSJrfrufZ[…]

“Social media companies are not the arbiters of truth… The President was stating a fact that children are less susceptible to the coronavirus.” #Facebook and #Twitter removed posts from President Trump, citing misinformation about the #CCPVirus. https://t.co/Yzu0bQbvbx[…]

“I want to lay out my vision to bring millions more jobs and thousands more factories back to American shores, where they belong.” President Trump signed an #ExecutiveOrder to ensure essential #MedicalSupplies, #Medicines and equipment are made in the US. https://t.co/ZEqWMbtZfx[…]

President @realDonaldTrump issued an executive order to ban transactions with #TikTok and #WeChat in 45 days. The executive orders also ban transactions with the two social media applications’ parent companies, Chinese-owned ByteDance and Tencent Holdings. https://t.co/YWEcTGNVOY[…]

Trump orders economic relief https://t.co/R2mk8fxK1O (WORLD) — […]

President Trump took executive action to extend the weekly enhanced #UnemploymentBenefits at a reduced level. The new payment will be $400 per week. The federal government will cover 75% of the cost while the states will pay the rest, he said. https://t.co/k8R9whxuOq[…]

“What we’re doing is we reimburse through the general fund, not through Social Security. This will have no impact on Social Security.” Deferring the #PayrollTax or permanently cutting it won’t affect #SocialSecurity, President Trump said. https://t.co/rle1WQF19n[…]

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