Friday, August 7, 2020

Splashdown: The end of the beginning

@NASA: Space dads @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug woke up aboard @SpaceX’s Dragon Endeavour to hear a message from their sons, awaiting the #LaunchAmerica crew’s arrival back on planet Earth.[…]

@JimBridenstine: We have SPLASHDOWN! Welcome home @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug! #LaunchAmerica — […]

@NASA: "Thanks for flying @SpaceX." Current Location: Planet Earth A 2:48pm ET, @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug splashed down, marking the first splashdown of an American crew spacecraft in 45 years. #LaunchAmerica[…]

@flightradar24: NASA’s WB-57 high-altitude research aircraft continuing to circle following the successful splash down of Crew Dragon in the Gulf of Mexico. Among other things, the WB-57 was used to chase the total solar eclipse in August 2017:[…]

Flag capturing sequence commenced, completed.

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