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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

900 Days

It's another milestone day!

I'm 90% of the way toward my goal of 1,000 days of writing.

I was thinking about this writing project this week, and I may have misinterpreted my writing collection idea that got me started on this in the first place.

I had collected a lot of thoughts and ideas for writing topics, but when I went back to them after I had exhausted my first round of primary writing ideas, a lot of them weren't really worth picking up on well after the fact.

Those thoughts saved were less useful as writing ideas, and more useful as conversation topic ideas. I don't need a place to write. I need someone to talk to—one who talks back, as Joel Hunter puts it.

That was a brief topic this weekend when a friend was helping me move. The new setup, which he thought would be related, is better than the old setup, especially without a few old pieces of furniture.

The challenge is when ones values are largely different than those of the larger culture. This is not just true in terms of the destination, but at the operational level of how one even approaches the matter, too.

In the old days, you could find out if someone was married or not by looking at their left hand. These days there's no visual way to know when one might be trespassing less formal relationship boundaries.

For some of us, navigating and measuring relationships is already difficult, and cultural changes in recent decades increase that difficulty.

As unsettling as a move can be, it can also help reset. I gave my parents a tour of the new place today, and they were impressed. It's not done, but the move and all the steps of Phase 1 in the apartment are complete. There are a few things in my car set to go elsewhere, but even that has gone back to being an evangelism tool.

15,900 days

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