Friday, December 11, 2020


Tomorrow is moving day. That means today is the last pre-move packing day. I have a few days of overlap, if needed.

Books are the easiest thing to pack for a move first. When traveling it's usually electronics. The difference in this case is books may be used least of all, and electronics the most.

Storing books may be one of the most natural uses of a box due to their similarity in shape, especially when books are stacked.

In terms of furniture, I plan to size down to only a bed, bookcases, and a couple desks. I've had large sitting furniture, but both are old and not in great shape.

I'm looking forward to the move.

When I first moved to my current building, pets were not allowed. Then somewhere along the way they decided they could charge more for them, and now it can often sound like a kennel.

The new building probably allows pets, too, but the hallways are shorter and the building is laid out differently, so hopefully there will be less yelping in the background.

The new place also has more windows. While the placement of my apartment is situated where it doesn't get direct sunlight, it should have more natural light nonetheless.

My building used to list my apartment as 350 square feet, and that matches what I once measured and counted. The new place is closer to 400.  My current building advertises my apartment as more than 400 now. Perhaps they're counting the wall footprint as available space.

What to pack next and is less clear. I could put clothes in boxes or travel luggage. Kitchen things could go in boxes, perhaps some of the more oddly shaped ones.

If I have boxes left over as other things are packed, perhaps some of the other loose smaller containers could go into a box, too.

I will say, leftover lunchmeat containers (that had the meat in another inside package) are useful for keeping, sorting and organizing small things.

Also, refrigerators run more efficiently with more in them, so I keep a lot of old juice containers full of water in there so that it doesn't need to run as much. Make the opening of the fridge door less significant for the energy use implications.

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