Monday, December 21, 2020

Peanuts and chocolate

A long time ago, in a state far far away, I discovered the wonders that are peanuts and chocolate together.

One of my favorite little Hershey bars are Mr. Goodbar. Pure chocolate and peanut goodness.

Then I discovered the wonders that is buying unsalted peanuts and plain Hershey milk chocolate bars and eating them together. It's like Mr. Goodbar in all his nutty goodness multiplied several times over.

Today, I almost made this purchase again until I realized that pound-for-pound, Peanut M&Ms are a much better buy than the Hershey milk chocolate bars. They're also less work.

They're also easier to eat by the handful, multiple rounds at a time.

I've long had a sweet tooth. I'm not sure which direction I'll go after making this discovery, but it was a noteworthy moment at the grocery store nonetheless.

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