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Monday, January 11, 2021

3 Vaccine History Periods

I can identify 3 periods of vaccine use that are all very different from one another.

First, there was the kind where they discovered how to ward off debilitating diseases like polio. I'm old enough to remember an elderly man I knew as a child who was wheelchair-bound because he caught polio before he could be vaccinated against its paralyzing effects.

Second, there are vaccines that are produced from questionable means and with questionable ingredients. Prominent people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have been willing to sacrifice their reputations, even among family members, in raising awareness about these issues and the conflict of interest vaccine producers have in suppressing this information.

Third, there are vaccines that have time-limited effectiveness for things like annual flu strains. Unlike vaccines of old that were only ever needed once in a lifetime, it has become popular to refer to annual preventative injections as vaccines. However, these are not always effective even in accomplishing their temporary mission.

The coronavirus vaccines appear to fall in the third category with unknown implications from the second.

It presents the question, if given the opportunity to get the vaccine, would one take it?

Factors to consider:
• With the coronavirus being in the influenza family of diseases, there are very limited claims about the durability of these vaccines going forward.
• It's not yet clear how effective these vaccines will be over the long-term with new strains of the coronavirus appearing.
• Some people have suffered side effects.

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