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Thursday, January 28, 2021

A defeat for women

It's abortion day at the White House.

The bad news is the United States is expanding its funding of those who openly shed innocent blood all around the world, including at home.

This policy change has become an early action of every incoming administration since President Reagan initiated the Mexico City Policy in 1984. This rebuilds the high places.

The good news this was not a Day One or Week One priority for the Biden Administration. While one would hope this would be indicative of slipping support, the administration's call to elevate this from executive action to statute means they want it to never change again without an act of Congress.

The most insidious part of this is the issue is being framed as a matter of “equity” for women. (While the White House memo speaks of equity in the negative, equity was mentioned as a positive of this issue at the press conference.) In reality, this denies one of the gifts of God to women at their expense. That's not freedom. That's defeat with tribute.

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