Monday, February 8, 2021

A win from the private sector on COVID-19

CNN 10 today reported on Dr. Allen Sills, chief medical officer for the NFL, and how the league managed to keep their positivity rate all season to as low as 0.08% with no in-play spread anywhere in the world.
We had an outbreak in Tennessee and we went in and really dug into that and tried to understand how did a transmission occur despite our protocols. 
That`s when we began to realize it wasn`t just six feet and 15 minutes.

Meeting inside, even if you`re more than six feet apart. If you`re in a poorly ventilated room for a long period of time and someone`s positive, there can be transmission inside those rooms.
Eating together, very high-risk activity.  You know, most people don`t have a mask on when they`re eating.
And then the greeting part is just the social interactions outside the facilities.  You know, when you interact in the community, if someone's positive and you go and get a haircut, or you have a massage at your house.

If you`re failing in two or more of those categories, that`s what we consider a high risk close contact. But I think the biggest thing we learned, universal masking works. It`s the most effective strategy that we have.

It wasn`t the fact that we tested everyday. 
It wasn`t the fact that everyone wore a fancy proximity tracking device everywhere they went. 
What prevented transmission was mask usage, avoiding in person meetings, staying in the open air environments, not eating together, prompt symptom reporting, isolation of anybody that`s exposed.

Dr. Sills interview

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