Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Devil’s castaways

George Whitefield, standing in his tabernacle in London with a multitude gathered around him, cried out, “The Lord Jesus will save the Devil’s castaways!” 

Two poor, abandoned women outside in the street heard him as his silvery voice rang out into the air. Looking into each other’s faces, they said, “That must mean you and me.” They wept and rejoiced. 

They approached the building and looked inside. The earnest messenger had tears streaming from his eyes as he pleaded with the people to give their hearts to God. 

One of the women wrote him a little note and sent it to him. 

Later that day, as he sat at the table of Lady Huntingdon, who was his special friend, someone present said, “Mr. Whitefield, didn’t you go a little too far today when you said that the Lord would save the Devil’s castaways?” 

He took the note from his pocket and gave it to the lady. 

He said, “Will you read that note aloud?” 

She read, “Mr. Whitefield, two poor lost women stood outside your tabernacle today. We heard you say that the Lord would save the Devil’s castaways and seized upon that as our last hope. We write you this to tell you that we rejoice now in believing in Him. From this good hour we shall endeavor to serve Him who has done so much for us.”
Source: The Overcoming Life by Dwight Lyman Moody

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