Friday, August 29, 2003

Verizon Wireless Expands Commercial Telemetry Offerings With Advanced AirLink Products

"Verizon Wireless ... and AirLink Communications, Inc. ... today announced the availability of three recognized products from AirLink [that] will expand the company's telemetry offerings."


"AirLink PinPoint CDMA is a rugged wireless modem with a GPS receiver, which provides a cost effective platform for mobile applications. Ideal for fleet management, PinPoint has been integrated with several third-party software packages, including public safety, ambulance, field service and transit arrival systems."

"Telemetry" is an anesthetic term for pinpointing an tracking movement. In other words, this announcement means it's getting easier and easier to track your every move! Eventually we'll be able to consider our cellphone our own little personal black box.

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