Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Federal telework programs slow to catch on, despite agency efforts: "Despite a mandate from Congress and more attention from the Office of Personnel Management and the General Services Administration, telework programs continue to grow slowly in the federal workplace, an OPM official says. ...

"An earlier study conducted by [OPM and GSA] concluded that the lack of a universal term for the practice made it difficult for agencies to keep track of how many employees telecommute. This year, OPM has pared the definition of telework down to two categories—core telework, which encompasses regular and routine teleworkers, and situational telework, which covers employees who work from home because of weather problems or other nonrecurring events."

While the progress may not be to 100% yet, or perhaps even within the new 6 month deadline, once this is reached, this will be a huge standard for the federal government to have attained. Business will actually be looking to the high standard the federal government has raised in teleworking. The workforce will never be the same.

Telework and number portability (and an entirely reshaped telecommunications industry) mean the world could be a very different place a year from now!

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