Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Islands of Clarity: "The Four Corners Monument is out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by dust, rocks, and boulders. Aside from a selection of Navajo art and trinkets sold in the nearby craft store, there’s really nothing to do or see. We’re talking a desert region.

"But that hasn’t stopped upwards of 2,000 people a day from visiting The Four Corners National Park. Why do the masses make the trek? They come and wade through long lines just for the thrill of having their picture taken standing in four places at once.

"Only in the United States where we, as a society, attempt to live our lives constantly in two places at the same time, would that be considered a worthy way to spend a vacation. And yet, it’s a picture of how so many of us are electing to live our lives. ..."

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