Monday, November 10, 2003

Google Labs released the new Google Deskbar last week. I just noticed this by checking an unofficial Google Weblog.

I have already customized my toolbar to the hilt. It sits atop my desktop with my Address toolbar on auto-hide. Instead of the default <Ctrl>+<Alt>+G to pop up to the search bar, I'm using F1. After all, I never use the system help anyway, so why not have it accessible with one easy keystroke? For the mini-viewer, I set that to F9, another infrequently used key on my keyboard.

This toolbar is also quite useful in replacing the old QuickSearch shortcuts I had set up. There are now 11 custom searches on my deskbar. I still have a few QuickSearches set up for my days in politics for tracking members of Congress and their legislation. :)

The relevant Google Labs team will soon have my list of suggestions and a bug fix or two, soon. Thanks, Google, for great service as always.

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