Saturday, December 27, 2003

A Love Story (Some Assembly Required): "It's hard to explain, but I love walking into a Radio Shack in December.

"And here is what I love a little bit more: Watching people storm out of a Radio Shack in a huff. Before the holidays are over, be sure to take time to storm out of a Radio Shack in a huff, just for the yuletide exhilaration of it.

"There are about 7,200 store locations nationwide, although the exact count fluctuates with the seasons. (The company proudly boasts that 'an estimated 94 percent of all Americans live or work within five minutes of a Radio Shack store or dealer,' and this can be a troubling ubiquity, since some Radio Shacks exist within sight of one another.)

"Radio Shack and the American consumer have a comically codependent Christmastime relationship, defined by both affection and hot tempers. Radio Shack is a wonderful place for last-minute gifts, and also last-minute tantrums. (Tantrums about refunds, about coaxial cable, about credit checks on wireless calling plans.) Of all the chain stores you could storm out of, there is none more satisfying than a Radio Shack, which, on some level, seems fine with Radio Shack, because they know you'll come back. You also know you'll come back. It's a love story."

The rest of the article is just as funny. It's a must-read all the way to the end!

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