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Friday, March 19, 2004

Google Rolls Out Local Search System: "Search engine leader Google has launched a beta version of a new system designed to make it easier for people to find things closer to their homes."

This recent graduate of Google Labs is a huge improvement over its predecessor which originally was little more than a public version of the code that won Google's original programming contest.

What's really ingenious is the results page one gets from clicking on one of the results on the first page. Google then precisely presents reference information at the top including the full name, address and phone number, a very simple driving directions form, and a surprisingly effortlessly ready map that puts it all in perspective.

The related links below this information get even more interesting. They're now all related to that specific location of your institution of choice! This gives uncanny added insight for the search.

The genius here is that they tied in the local phone listings information to the local search to produce the added value of the related links—they're the result of the user's original search with the address or phone number added.

And all the user has to do is click on a location close to him! Overall, this is probably one of the best returns from a click on all the Internet.

While on the Google topic, there's a very handy javascript link available that allows anyone to see and keep using Google's new look.

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