Saturday, June 26, 2004

Radio Shack Targets Women Customers: "You may notice some changes the next time you go shopping. Retailers, who used to depend upon just men, are now looking for new customers... And that means brighter stores and more hands-on displays.

"Think about Radio Shack and you might think about a guy's store. You think gadgets. You think parts. Lots of them. Probably in a dark store. Not any more. Radio Shack's getting a face-lift. This is about getting the product out so they can touch it. Feel it. Interact with it."

"Radio Shack had about an 85-percent male customer base. And like other retailers it needed to expand its appeal. 'The two groups in the family we're looking for are females. We're now about 40-60 male/female. And youth. We want more young people engaged in the brand.'"

"It goes right down to the colors—the wall panels behind the racks aren't only bright, they can be replaced in a hurry. 'So literally for about 300 dollars and about 20 minutes as the color palettes and people's tastes change we can completely change the way the store looks.'"

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