Thursday, August 5, 2004

Pandering To The Choir: "The national Democratic Party's strategists are paying attention to the 'religious' vote this year.

"More than likely that party's strategists have reached an amazing discovery: There are millions of believing Christians in this country. Many live in 'flyover country'—the expanse of land between Manhattan and Hollywood—and their votes count. In fact, in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, devout Catholics and Protestants represent crucial blocs of voters, enough to swing elections.

"Well, what should the Democrats do after their Party has ignored the religious voter for decades—going to deliberate lengths to exclude them by selling the Party's soul to the likes of the National Abortion Rights Action League (now repackaged as 'Pro-Choice America')? Why not set up a committee to handle 'Religious Outreach'?

"Indeed, that is exactly what the Democratic National Committee has done. And guess who is one of the senior advisors? Rev. Brenda Bartella Peterson. Rev. Peterson is one of 32 clergy members who signed an amicus brief in support of Michael Newdow's case to strike the words 'Under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance."

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