Thursday, September 16, 2004

Catch This If You Can, Dan: Forger Cries Hoax: "A master forger-turned-crimebuster who has taken a look at CBS anchor Dan Rather's documents about President Bush's National Guard service says they're such obvious fakes that they're a joke.

"Ex-forger Frank Abagnale—played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie 'Catch Me If You Can'—scoffed: 'If my forgeries looked as bad as the CBS documents, it would have been, "Catch Me In Two Days."'

"Abagnale hasn't examined the actual documents—CBS won't release them—but from what he's seen on TV, they're 'evident' forgeries, he said in an e-mail to Internet blogger Robin Juhl that was confirmed by his office.

"In his life of crime over 35 years ago, Abagnale cashed $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in every state and 26 foreign countries over five years. By forging documents and other means, he successfully posed as an airline pilot, lawyer, professor and pediatrician.

"After he was finally caught and did several years in jail, Abagnale was released on condition that he'd help the feds for free, which he has done as an FBI consultant."

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