Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Real Life Story: "When I was a teenager, I took to creative writing. I wrote fanciful Science Fiction stories and did a lot of daydreaming about adventurous deeds done by heroic people. My father always told me that real life was more exciting than fiction. It must have been my youth, but I never really believed him at the time.

"My father was a very practical man. He always fixed things himself and worked hard in his career to teach himself what was needed to get his job done. He never liked to sit around and watch TV or go to the movies but he loved to play the piano and expressed his creativity by inventing new things out in the garage.

"When I was five or six years old, he built a remote control car from scratch. It took him several tries but he wound up with a battery powered radio controlled car well before you could buy such toys in the stores."

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