Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's Official: NTM has 90 days to leave Venezuela

"The Venezuelan government has officially ordered a Christian tribal mission group to leave its tribal areas within 90 days.

"New Tribes Mission, which was unexpectedly ordered by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Oct. 12 to leave the nation, has received confirmation that they must leave tribal areas within 90 days of Nov. 14.

"On Monday, the Ministry of Justice and Interior published a decree in the official Gazette of Venezuela, where laws and government orders are printed, declaring the revocation of NTM's permission to work in tribal areas. NTM has had permission to work in indigenous territories since 1953.

"Although the tribal mission group will be forced to leave tribal regions, the decree does not require NTM's missionaries to leave Venezuela, but only indigenous missions in the states of Amazonas, Bolivar, Apure and Delta Amacuro." ...

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