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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Katie Wernecke returns to Texas

"Katie Wernecke headed back to Texas on Friday, having completed five intravenous vitamin C treatments in Wichita and ready to continue the treatments at home."

"Katie, 13, was at the center of a five-month-long battle between the Texas Child Protective Services, which wanted her to undergo chemotherapy and radiation, and her parents, who were concerned about the side effects of radiation and who wanted to try the vitamin C treatment. On Nov. 3, Katie was released from the state's custody; she and her father traveled to Kansas two days later."

"Wernecke said his lawyer has asked the Texas Supreme Court to review a writ of mandamus and to decide who—parents or the state—should have the say in a child's medical treatment.

"'We're not doing this just for us,' he said. 'We're doing it for all parents.'" ...

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