Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google filters Google as spam

It seems all the end-of-the-month newsletters are coming today.

I use Gmail, Google's email service, and I had three messages in the spam folder. The usual drill is to mark them as read and move on.

Occasionally, there's something in there counted as spam that's not supposed to be counted as spam.

Guess what I found in there today!

Picasa, the Google photo organizing software, had sent me a newsletter that Gmail thought was spam. :)

I thought that was funny. More importantly, I thought you'd like to know.

While on the Picasa topic, it's designed to be your be-all basic software for photos. Namely for organizing, editing, and then distribution through various channels.

I've never really used the organizing capabilities of it because I keep my photos organized in those really cool things called folders (f.k.a. directories) on my computer.

The editing features in Picasa are cool, and better than what I've seen in most other places. However, Google/Picasa take issue with this concept of "saving" a file. As in, if I want to make changes to the file, I can actually, um, make changes to it! No, no. Google was kind enough to inform me that it will not save pictures "in order to help preserve the image quality of your original images." OK, I appreciate the advice, but at least allow me to make the decision, please!

Based on that fundamental problem with the software, I cannot bring myself to use it. That's too bad because they have some really cool blogging features among others that come after too complicated a process ("exporting" was Google's recommendation) to get there. And in that newsletter, they were telling me about a new feature where Picasa can help me get my photos put on real postage stamps!

(This is normally something I would post on my xanga instead, but since this is related to Google, and Blogger is also a Google company (!), I posted it here instead.)

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