Saturday, February 25, 2006

Honorary Dweeb

From a C-SPAN interview with the publisher:

BRIAN LAMB: "You have also called yourself a geek."


"LAMB: And a dweeb.

"REYNOLDS: Yes, I'm a bit of a dweeb. I'm a law professor. I think you get an honorary dweeb card as soon as they tenure you, at least."

Full Q&A Interview

Actually, I just noticed something very odd. I was watching the video for this interview and following along with the transcript, and they completely stripped from the transcript the question and his answer on immigration!

About 45 minutes into the video, after he says, "I think we have got to let the science decide [about embryonic stem cells]," and before Brian's question "Where are you on George Bush?" there was an entire comment about immigration that C-SPAN left off the transcript!

From 44:34 to 45:46 in the video, Glenn responded with things like, "Nigerian immigrants in my family, ... legal immigration and illegal immigration ... hoops legally vs. easy illegally ... open immigration ... issue in 2008" etc.

Very strange!

Actually they dropped a lot of the exchange about his wife, Helen Smith, too, and her site The transcript jumps there makes a big jump from "I wouldn't infringe on somebody else's trademark" to "We don’t have a fixed schedule."

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