Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Zeitgeist Goes Dynamic

Google has launched an impressive new service called Google Trends.

Think Google Zeitgeist meets Google Finance.

What's so impressive about this is it's dynamic. It's not some automated and static weekly list of names. It's whatever you want.

Even now, I can compare, Mother's Day to Father's Day, the four seasons (Reston tops the list!?), the World Cup vs. the World Series, Jesus vs. Mohammed, red and yellow, black and white, cities going south, love/hate, hope/despair... This could get addicting.

Here's an interesting one: heaven and hell. There are more people searching for heaven than hell, but more news about hell than heaven. Although, the news about hell is probably more metaphoric than expositional.

And then, they add in news trends, to boot. The alphabetized peaks with news correlations is just too cool.

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