Tuesday, August 8, 2006

How much do you cost to count?

If you are an American, in four years, the government plans to spend $36 to count you.

Does it really cost that much to develop a database, print a form, drop it in the mail, get it back and enter it online? Or, to have a Web site up for people to enter their information online?

Either that, or are we just footing the bill for the Census Bureau to go door to door, run TV ads and file "emergency" spending paperwork?

One way or the other, Tom Coburn, junior senator from Oklahoma plans to find out:

Coburn Opposes Additional Money for the Census Bureau

FYI, the $36 head count figure came from the $11.3 billion cost estimate that Coburn cites for the 2010 census, and current projections of an increase in population to 310 million in another 1,242 days.

10,656 days

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