Thursday, August 17, 2006

Weakening Political Currency

From today's First Read: "Over the next two days, listen for what Bush might say to address the list of traditional economic 'truths' which, to many Americans, no longer seem quite so true:
  • that if you work hard, you'll get ahead;
  • that health insurance will keep you from going bankrupt over medical costs;
  • that owning a home is a means to financial security;
  • that real estate and stock investments always increase in value;
  • that Social Security will always be there;
  • that your company retirement fund is safe; and,
  • that your children will face a brighter future than you.
Until the Administration focuses on these concerns, it seems unlikely that Americans are going to see eye to eye with them on a strong US economy."

Of course, we should also keep in mind:Tim
10,665 days

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