Friday, February 23, 2007

Brian Williams, less cut

For someone who "doesn't do opinions," Brian Williams certainly can be forceful when he wants to about things. He's not completely "uncut" as it were, but he's closer.

It's interesting to watch him talk when he's not constrained by 15-second story introductions. Check out this 10-minute interview (Video/Audio) of Williams by Chris Matthews.

In some ways, this is even more about Brian Williams and his non-opinions on things than when he and Tim Russert do their all-day, all-night coverage on elections (which are then about other people).

Journalists feel less constrained about offering opinions on political figures who cannot be a part of the current political dialogue. In this case, that would be Lyndon Johnson.

Brian Williams explained to Chris about Walter Cronkite's commentary that "You get one of those" with his finger distinctly raised, twice. Even though he deferred to Tom Brokaw and the Greatest Generation as an example, one has to wonder, for what one particular instance is Brian saving up his credibility that he can then lob at a particular issue on which he does officially have an opinion.

When Brian mentioned the "strange bedfellows" and John McCain hiring the guy who coordinated the attacks on him in South Carolina during the 2000 collection, I wonder if he's talking about the racially tinted phone call attacks. (This might have been before the days of push polling that we have today.)

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Hat Tip: Today's Early Nightly

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