Sunday, February 18, 2007

Email Intersection

Mark Batterson posted about the WSJ article recently on email addiction. I couldn't resist these quotes:
A bill introduced last Thursday in the New York legislature would make it illegal to use a BlackBerry or any other electronic device while crossing the street.

Last month, Global Ideas Bank held its fourth annual "International Internet-Free Day." Nick Temple, the director of the online London think tank, estimates that at least 8,000 people logged off this year, compared with a few hundred four years ago. This year's event was also referred to as "Web 0.0."
And finally:
Eventually, he says, he realized his job could wait. "I'm a graphic designer, not a doctor," he says. He read books, and picked up a newspaper for the first time in memory. He gained a sense, he says, of what life felt like a decade ago when he was only 14 years old and had neither a computer nor email. "I have no idea how people did it 10 years ago," he says.
I don't know, I can still read books just fine. I'm not as regular about those, but they still happen. There are things you find in books that you don't fine online (not even in Google Book Search).

And then there are the people that go online to find ideas for books to read!

I'm actually catching up from about three days of not touching Google Reader because I had to get some billable work done for a change. When Google Reader comes out with a mobile version, then I'll be in trouble. Until then, MSNBC pointed me to LiteFeeds recently. We'll see how that works.

10,850 days

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