Thursday, July 12, 2012

21 separate tax increases in the middle of a recession

(Ms. FOXX asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)
   Ms. FOXX. Madam Speaker, in 2009, President Obama rightly said, ``The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession.'' Yet the President's signature legislative achievement, ObamaCare, hinges on 21 separate tax increases, 12 of which hit the middle class.

   ObamaCare and its taxes have already proved crushing to the economy, along with broken promises to spur job creation, reduce debt, cut premium costs, and allow patients to keep their coverage and physicians. Family premiums are up over $1,000, 20 million people are at risk of losing the doctors they like, 48 percent of businesses aren't hiring to brace for rising health costs, and by 2021, the CBO estimates there will be 800,000 fewer jobs because of ObamaCare.
   The job of Congress is not to defend failure. ObamaCare makes it harder for job creators to hire and fails in its most basic objectives. Thus, we have a duty to spare the American people from its $1.76 trillion bill by fully repealing this legislation. 


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