Monday, July 23, 2012

Will breaking the law be necessary to stand for election to the United States Senate?

At the recent debate for U.S. Senate candidate nominees in Virginia, Tim Kaine said he "had to give up a job and a salary and healthcare benefits to run for U.S. Senate."

Just to make sure we're clear, he said he had to "give up" his "healthcare benefits" to stand for election to the United States Senate, correct?

This is the same Tim Kaine that was chairman of the Democratic National Committee when that Democractic party passed the completely partisan Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, correct?

And that Affordable Care Act is the same law that considers "giving up" one's "health benefits" as a penalty/tax-worthy event, yes?

In other words, two years from now, under this law no one should be "giving up" their health benefits because if you don't have health benefits as prescribed by that law and the Administration from your employer, then you are still on the hook to provide yourself with your own health benefits.

And yet, while the technicality remains, Tim Kaine uses his few months of remaining freedom for "giving up" his health benefits as an excuse to draw sympathy for his run for Senate? Seriously?

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